Friday, May 24, 2019

Business planning and start-up

Business planning is a difficult art. However good you think you are as a business planner, there is a vital step that should be taken before starting to write the business plan. When you have drafted your plan, it will be important to get someone competent to do a business plan review. Why? Because you will have been diving deep and been so close to the details that you may not have enough detachment to see the wood for the trees. Having the insight of someone else who has ‘been there, done that’, will be invaluable.

You need to be clear with yourself about your business standards when you tackle planning your startup. Defining them, though, is not a simple task either. But if you do take the trouble to define them, you will create your own good fortune.

The point is to:

  • know what really matters to you in setting up and running your new business;
  • be able to articulate your values to yourself and others;
  • consider these values against the environment in which your business will be operating;
  • have a way to guide your actions and responses to the unexpected;
  • decide and act with conviction as you follow opportunities;
  • communicate your standards to attract the future you seek;
  • establish benchmarks for evaluating performance;
  • give yourself a stake in the ground against which you can remain open to change.


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